Episode 018: 5 elements a killer brand needs. With Emma Veiga-Malta.

Episode 018:

5 Elements A Killer Brand Needs!

This is going to be a great episode because it's going to really get to the core of the 5 key things that you need to create a killer brand for your business!


What We Cover In This Episode:

  • The reason your brand exists.
  • Design to attract your ideal client.
  • A solid set of brand assets.
  • Visual consistency.
  • Getting a professional designer onboard.

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Emma Veiga-Malta



Hello, I’m Emma; strategic brand designer and business owner. Using design thinking, I help businesses launch, grow and scale. I create brand identities that fit with their business strategy, reflect their business direction and goals, and within their industry landscape to attract their ideal clients. 


I have been a business mentor and design expert for various business schools and entrepreneurship programs, and have spoken at conferences and summits internationally.


My children are fully grown after having left home; my grumpy cat is busy sleeping most of the time; my husband keeps himself busy, which means I am fully focused on my work and helping you to Scale + Skyrocket. This makes me truly happy!

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